Public & Private School Programs:Adventures in Experiential Learning

Our experiential programs for schools are based on the concept that people learn best through doing. Whether we're working with students, faculty, or administration, we design all of our programs to be fun and engaging while meeting specific goals developed to meet your school's needs.

If you're looking for a program to help guide the direction of your school AE can help with Programs for:

  • Student Group Programming 
  • Social Skills 
  • Peer Leadership Training 
  • Peer Mediation 
  • Bullying

Corporate Training Programs:
We bring the resources, expertise and outside perspective to help corporations identify and achieve organizational goals. Our approach of customizing our services to our clients needs means that one of our program directors will work with you directly to assess your needs and develop clear, practical goals.

Each curriculum is carefully designed to meet these goals using experiential activities that are fun, engaging, and memorable.

Learn more about our programs for:

  • Corporate Team Building 
  • Leadership Development 
  • Organizational Development 
  • The Highly Effective Sales Team 
  • Employee Functions